Medical Biosciences is a Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology company that bridges the gap between basic medical sciences and clinical practice. Our goal is to make modern medicine accessible to people in growing countries.

The future of diagnostic medicine is in Digital Imaging. We deliver modern medical technology, including diagnostic equipment like MRI, CT, Echocardiography and Nuclear Imaging and software, training & management and consultancy services for hospitals, clinics and scientific laboratories.

We care about public health; We are the leader in eHealth; we help hospitals implement electronic medical records that meet compliance standards; we review current medical literature to make recent advances in modern medicine available to the public, we develop training curricula for healthcare professionals.

We conduct biomedical research to develop natural food products such as juices and herbal extracts with proven effectiveness in preventing diseases like hypertension and diabetes as measured by Biomarkers.

Company Overview

There are six departments through which Medical Biosciences executes its vision of making modern medicine accessible.

Biomedical Research and Publication

We conduct research in the area of Cancer Biomarkers for pharmaceutical applications and Cardiovascular MRI Research. We also provide consultancy on Grant Writing and Research proposals for clients who wish to acquire capital medical equipment such as MRI. We provide data analysis and assist with writing and publication of scientific journal articles. We secure intellectual property and patent inventions.

Clinical Training and Evaluation

We provide training and assessment for physicians, nurses, medical technologists and technicians in the use of MRI and other medical devices with ephasis on patient safety and dagnostic accuracy.

Software Development

We design and create image analysis software for diagnostic measurements in radiology, neurology and cardiology. Our one of a kind software CardioDime measures the aortic insertion angle on the left ventricle. We also evaluate commercial image analysis software to determine value for buyers based on accuracy, ease of use and efficiency in the clinical work environment.

Image and Data Analysis

We conduct image analysis and develop analysis tools. We support and train Image Analysts for hospitals and medical imaging laboratories. We also provide data analysis and data management for clinical trials.

Hardware Acquisition and development

We assist with the procurement, delivery and installation of medical equipment including MRI, CT, Echocardiography and Nuclear Medicine facilities. We provide workflow improvement and quality assurance testing.

Diagnostic Imaging Systems Management and Support

We provide management of radiological services and facilities for hospitals to assure delivery of safe effective diagnostic imaging, while prioritizing patient care, safety and satisfaction.

Be Part of Our Community

You can support healthcare development in Growing Countries by donating to the cause of early diagnosis and encouraning friends to proactively monitor their health.

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